How to create a forum and give the permission for that forum in phpBB3?

1) Login to Admin

2) In bottom of the page click "Administrator Control Panel".

3) In top of the page, Go to Forums tap.

4) Click Manage forums -> create new category for create a new forum.

5) Then create new forum under the category.

6) After that... we must give the permission, then only we able to post the topic under the forum. so please give the following permission for creating new forum.

7) see "Forum based permissions"  under click "Forum permissions" and select the forum and submit it.

8) "Manage Groups" - under select the names. then,

9) Click Edit Permissions under the "Manage Groups"

10) Click "Advanced Permissions" and set the permission and finally apply the permission.

11) Now we will put the post in front end.


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